The Shareale coast region
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Regions of Shareale

Alaython is a nation built around a single great city, Alaython. The city is famed for its scholars and its great library, known as the "Library of All"

Acsynae is a small nation carved out of what was once part of south eastern Maladon. The people who did the "carving" were originally renegades from the Morchainti empire and they still retain much of their original culture. Their strong army and the weakness of Maladon has kept the nation independent.

Gorgrin Tuvess has emerged in recent decades as a rival to the declining might of the Morchainti empire. Its people practice equality of the sexes and inheritance is bilateral.

Kalvarche Tribes Scholars generally consider the non-human Kalvarche Tribes as part of the Kalvarche region and more details will be found there.

Krizak Nomads are a somewhat technologically backward group of nomads who wander around the Greening with their chariots and light cavalry. They are not a united people. It is the hope of their neighbours, especially the Morchainti Empire that they never rally around a single leader. Recent portents in the form of a red twin-tailed shooting star have led to calls for a meeting of the tribes to discuss this very thing.

Maladon is a realm undergoing reorganisation. Like Telorthen Ty Taros Maladon was a collection of semi-autonomous city-states. Now however the country has been forcibly united under a theocratic government headed by clerics of the dark god Sharkan.

The Morchainti Empire is a decaying massive empire on the eastern side of the region. It is beset with internal dissent, threats to its southern border by the rival empire of Gorgrin Tuvess and subject to increasing raids on the north east by groups of Krizak nomads sensing easy loot.

Nuril Ka is a poor country dominated by fiercely independent clans. They are renowned mariners and trade throughout the Shareale coastal region. When not trading they often also raid throughout the Shareale coastal regions.

Pathen is an old feudal kingdom based around a largely herding economy due to poor soils. It is a decadent realm and like the Morchainti empire and Alaython is occassionly plagued with problems from Krizak nomads.

Telorthen Ty Taros, also called Torthe, is the "core" setting of my campaign. Details of Telorthen Ty Taros will be found by following the link to the left. Here I will say that Telorthen Ty Taros is a collection of somewhat conservative semi-autonomous city-states organised under the "kingship" of the ruler of the most powerful city, Erak Kelan ruler of Taros Torthen.

Turan is a backward nation reliant on its fishing fleets to feed its people who are divided into numerous clans. The nation also has a matrilineal inheritance pattern.

Veslin Scholars generally consider Veslin as part of the Kalvarche region and more details will be found there.

The Shareale coast region