Nuril Ka
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On Land: Nuril Ka maintains no standing "army" as such. Instead the entire population is expected to be able to fight against any invaders. All males and many females receive some sort of basic weapon training, though normally only males are sent on raiding expeditions (though there are exceptions).

Infantry Organisation: There is no fixed organisation to infantry since each clan provides troops based on its available resources. This is not to mean that the units have no organisation but that units are organised based on who turned up!

Groups of between ten and fifty generally make up the "tactical" units of Nuril Ka, though groups of seventy-five are now coming into use. This corresponds to a warboat fully loaded with troops.

From one hundred to five hundred people make up the "strategic" units of Nuril Ka. This roughly corresponds to one to five longships fully loaded with troops.

Occassionly forces of greater than five hundred have been used, this is usually as part of a "great" enterprise under the command of a major clan chief, jarl or the king himself.

All male fighters and some females are also effectively trained as marines since Nuril Ka is a nation of seafarers.

Infantry Types: The infantry of Nuril Ka consists of light and medium archers and light, medium and heavy infantry types.

In battles lighter troops are generally given the role of skirmishers while the heavier (medium and heavies) form composite "warbands". Missile troops are also found in these composite units. Seperate units of missile troops though occassionly formed are rare.

The light and medium archers consists of unarmoured troops with the medium archers having leather jerkins. They are typically armed with a shortbow and a quiver containing twenty arrows. Though some troops from inland areas tend to use slings. For close in protection they carry a mix of handaxes, shortswords and daggers.

The light infantry is made up of younger warriors who were no armour but may carry a round shield for protection. Weapons generally consist of handaxes, shortswords and javelins

The medium infantry, which makes up the bulk of the infantry, wears armour consisting of a leather jerkin, leather arm and leg greaves and a leather helm. Many also carry a round shield for additional protection. They are armed with spears and longswords, which are supplemented by the handaxes which these troops tend to use as missiles.

The heavy infantry which is the smallest portion wears armour consisting of a rigid leather with iron arm and leg greaves and a reinforced leather helm. They may also carry a round shield for additional protection. Weaponry is the same as that of the medium infantry. The heavy troops are made up of the nobles and rich warriors of Nuril Ka.

Cavalry Organisation: Nuril Ka does not posess any true cavalry. Local horses are small, about 12 hands, sturdy but not swift. Nuril Ka warriors can ride but use the horses simply to get from place to place as mounted infantry, dismounting for any fighting. Scouts also make use of horses to get from place to place, but many prefer to "acquire" swifter animals from outside Nuril Ka.

Chariotry: Nuril Ka does not operate any chariotry forces. The local horse are certainly capable of pulling the vehicles, if not up to the standard of neighbouring nations horses, but the local terrain, heavily wooded, has discouraged the development of chariots.

Artillery: A small proportion of the forces available to Nuril Ka has some skill in building and operating light seige equipment, but generally Nurilians prefer straight assaults to seiges.

Army Organisation: As mentioned there is no fixed structure to Nurilian "armies." Organisation is based on who attends a particular fight and in defence all able bodied men and women are expected to contribute.

At Sea: Nuril Ka is a nation of seafarers and has a reasonable number of vessels of war. These are built by and for the various coast based clans and their use is determined by the local clan chiefs.

Naval Organisation: Like the "army" the "navy" has no fixed organisation. How, or if, the ships are organised depends on who is present.

The Ships: Nuril Ka operates two principal types of warship. In addition many of Nuril Ka's merchant vessels are readily convertable for use as warships, so the amounts listed below are basically vessels permanently assigned for use as ships of war. All vessels carry a single mast which can be unshipped and a bank of oars making them very versatile. Their construction makes them very seaworthy for even long voyages.

Warboats - These are about 70 to 80 feet long, clinker-built and are similar to the ancient Viking Warboats. They have a shallow draft, fast and used for everything from reconnaisance and the carrying of messages and intelligence to carrying raiders. They can carry up to about seventy-five people though normally fewer are carried. Currently Nuril Ka operates 5 reserve quality and 44 average warboats.

Longships - These are the largest warships currently used by Nuril Ka. These vessels are basically slight enlargements of the warboats and can carry up to 100 people. Like the warboats the longships are open topped, shallow drafted and fast. Nuril Ka operates 4 reserve quality and 33 average quality warboats.

Nuril Ka