Nuril Ka
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Subsistence Pattern: The subsistence pattern of Nuril Ka is based primarily on a fishing economy. Soils in the coastal regions are moderately fertile and produce Nuril Ka's main crops mostly a variety of oats. Further inland the land is covered in heavy temperate forests. In this region pigs and goats are kept, but the main resource is timber. As a consequence Nuril Ka has an extensive fishing fleet and relies on it for the bulk of local food production.

Technology: The technology of Nuril Ka is like that of its neighbours, early to middle iron-age (in terms of Earth development). Nuril Ka is able to produce hard iron in some quantity and a very few crafters can produce small quantities of steel.

Kinship Structure: Kinship and inheritance patterns in Nuril Ka are primarily patrilineal in nature. However succession is also subject to the aproval of the clan and anyone within three generattions, male or female can be elected to succeed.

Political Structure: Nuril Ka is organised along clan/tribal lines. Each clan chief rules over an ill-defined territory. Groups of clans have banded together under the strongest clan chief to form jarldoms, and the jarldoms have in turn joined together under the strongest "jarl" to form the kingdom of Nuril Ka. The current "king" is Tlanorah who holds the territory of Glorbil.

Military System: There is no full time army or navy in Nuril Ka. In times of need the entire populace mobilises. There is a warrior class though, and it is from this that the various chiefs, jarls and ultimately the king come from. All males, and many females have basic weapon training, and every coastal and riverine settlement maintains a number of warboats and longships.

More detail on the military of Nuril Ka will be found in the Warfare section.

Nuril Ka