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Subsistence Pattern: The subsistence pattern of Maladon like that of Telorthen Ty Taros is based on a mixed economy. Soils in the coastal regions are mostly fertile and produce a wide variety of crops including a variety of wheat. Further inland the fertility of the soils decreases. In this region sheep and goats are the principle "crop." Unlike Telorthen Ty Taros to the north little wool is exported and recent bad harvests have resulted in the loss of export revenues from cash crops like wheat.

Technology: The technology of Maladon is early to middle iron-age (in terms of Earth development). The nation is able to produce hard iron in some quantity and a very few crafters can produce small quantities of steel.

Kinship Structure: Kinship and inheritance patterns in Maladon are like those of Telorthen Ty Taros, patrilineal in nature. The eldest male heir generally inheriting 90% or more of property. Other male offspring receive shares of the tithe of property that remains. Females are generally provided with dowries, the size of these varies greatly. If there is no male heir then inheritance goes to the eldest female heir. The temple of Sharkan now imposes a 20% death duty which is deducted before any inheritances go through.

Political Structure: Maladon is still largely organised along feudal lines. However the old nobility had been largely driven from the nation and replaced with a theocratic rulership. The theocracy was principally made up from senior clerics of Sharkan with a lesser presence from clerics of Urmash and Niona. All other cults had been suppressed. In recent times however the clerics of the Dark Trinity have been driven out and the monarchy restored but the nation is still a long way from recovering and is not yet entirely stable.

Military System: The army and navy of Maladon are not organised along feudal lines. Instead Maladon has a permanent standing force. Unlike Telorthen Ty Taros' professional army and navy that of Maladon is largely made up of conscripts.

More detail on the military of Maladon will be found in the Warfare section.