Regions of the continent of Ethryn
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Regions of the continent of Ethryn
The continent of Ethryn is normally divided by scholars into four principle zones. These are named Kalvarche, Shareale, Gannon and T'Ceer. Gannon is also often considered a sub-continent, and is also described seperately within this site.

Kalvarche is named for the non human race dwelling in and around the Singing Desert. The Desert itself is largely the result of the rainshadow produced by the 'C' shaped Kalason Ranges. Temperatures in the area are not extreme with mean annual temperatures of 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but rainfall is normally less than 7 inches per annum. Soils within the region are very poor with little vegetation in the Desert proper, and there is much limestone and gypsum giving the desert a bright glare which can lead to a condition akin to snow-blindness.

Shareale takes its name from the Sea of Shareale around which the region sits. The Sea of Shareale is connected to the ocean via the Straits of Gorgrin. Currents in this area, where the waters from the Sea of Shareale, the Gulf of Turan and the waters north of Gannon meet are so dangerous that the region is collectively known as the "Cauldron." Vegetation on the western side of the Sea of Shareale is generally Tropical Shrublands along the coast grading into Temperate Forestlands inland. The Eastern side tends to greater variety with Tropical Shrublands in the south with large tracts of Tropical Deciduous Forest. This grades into the great grasslands occupied by the Krizak Nomads in the North East and Eastern regions.

Numerous human realms are found around much of the Shareale Regions. Those in the north and west tend to be smaller while on the east are the much larger realms of the Morchainti Empire and the Gorgrin Tuvess.

Weather is dominated by the effects of the Krizak Mountains which run East-West across the continent. Cold winds flowing south from the mountains interacts with the warmer air above the Sea of Shareale producing "interesting" weather.

T'Ceer is named for one of the three known realms found on this part of the continent. The three realms are found around the inland Sea of Telceer. Vegetation in this region is a mix ofTropical Shrublands and Temperate Forests though in the Southwest portion large amounts of Savannah can be found. The eastern portion also has vast areas of Tropical Deciduous Forest with virtually impenetrable undergrowth.

Gannon is the name given to the large island or sub-continent at the southern end of Ethryn. Little is known about its inhabitans. Large portions of the island are covered in Rainforest, both Tropical Evergreen and Deciduous types being found. A large number of exotic animals and plants are found there and there is some trade from here to the realms of the Shareale region. For more details on this region view the Gannon section of the site.

Regions of the continent of Ethryn