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On Land: Acsynae maintains a professional standing army. This is based upon that of the Morchainti Empire from where many of the citizenry originated from. The Acsynae army is a combined arms force but is built around the heavy infantry phalanx.

Infantry Organisation:

The smallest unit in the infantry is the "tent group" which consists of eight men. Ten of these groups make up a "octate" of eighty fighters plus an octate commander, six octates make up a "cohort" of four hundred and eighty six fighters plus a cohort commander and deputy, for four hundred and eighty eight total. Ten cohorts make up the core of a "legion" with a commander and deputy commander, giving a total nominal strength of 4,882. Acsynae currently maintains three such legions.

An additional cohort made up of medium archers organised the same way as the regular infantry is also part of the legion.

An octate of troops trained in seige weapons and warfare is also attached. This brings the total infantry strength of a legion to 5,449

Levies are also sometimes used, these are in the main organised along the normal lines but are equipped as light troops which are used for skirmishing, or in the case of light archers to supplement their heavier regular counterparts.

Infantry Types: The regular infantry of Acsynae consists of medium archers and heavy infantry types.

The heavy infantry is equipped with a heavy shield, long spear or pike, a shortsword and a javelin. They are meant to fight as a formation. Occassionly the long spear is dispensed with to make the units more manewuverable.

The medium archers have leather jerkins. They are typically armed with a composite bow and a quiver containing twenty arrows. TFor close in protection they carry a shortswords,daggers and short spears/javelins.

The auxiliary/levee light infantry is wears no armour but may carry a round shield for protection. Weapons consist of composite bows or short spears/javelins, with shortswords and daggers.

Cavalry Organisation: Attached to each legion are a squadron of medium cavalry and a squadron of heavy cavalry. The horses for the heavy cavalry are either imported or the produce of specialist local breeders. Each squadron contains two companies of 120, giving a total for each legion of 240 medium and 240 heavy cavalry. Acsynae is gradually increasing the number of cavalry in its army.

Chariotry: Acsynae does not operate any chariotry forces. An occassional noble may ride a chariot, or hunt from one but Acsynae has never used them in battle.

Artillery: As mention above each legion has an octate trained in building and operating seige equipment.

Army Organisation: As mentioned above the regular army of Acsynae amounts to three legions each commanded by a general. The duke is the head of the armed forces as a whole though often a general is appointed to command. Auxiliaries/Levees are attached to the legions as required.

At Sea: Acsynae is not a maritime power but does operate a number of ships of war and in case of need can and does requisition civilian vessels. The warships are paid for by the state and their crews are paid professionals.

Naval Organisation: The navy, like the army is divided into three principal units or squadrons, one based at each of three ports. Each under the command of an admiral. The combined fleet is nominally under the command of the duke, but normally a "fleet" admiral is appointed.


The fleet is organised into three squadrons

1st Squadron (Based at Synae)
4 Penteres
4 Trireme Vs
4 Dispatch Boats

2nd Squadron (Based at Mavallae)
3 Trireme Vs
5 Trireme IVs
1 Trireme III
3 Dispatch Boats

3rd Squadron (Based at Elence)
3 Trireme Vs
5 Trireme IVs
3 Dispatch Boats

The Ships: Acsynae, as show above operates a number of types of warship.

Dispatch Boats - These are very similar to those in use by Telorthen Ty Taros or ancient Greece, and are about 60 feet long. They are fast and are used for reconnaissance amd courier work. Currently Acsynae operates 5 reserve quality and 44 average warboats.

Type III Trireme - Only one vessel of this type is operated by Acsynae. This was captured from Maladon in a recent skirmish. This Trireme was the only one of its type possessed by Maladon. The vessel is 82 feet long has three banks of oars and was built as an ataphract so the rowers themselves are not protected and may wear armour. The ship is of reserve quality.

Type IV Triremes - Excluding the solitary captured type III Trireme, these make up 50% of Acsynae's Trireme force. They are 90 to 100 feet in length. All are of cataphract construction and are completely decked. Compared with the older types they can carry sufficient supplies for nearly three weeks cruising and have sufficient rowers to be able to rotate them. Acsynae is gradually replacing these vessels however and currently operates 10 all of reserve quality.

Type V Triremes - Again excluding the solitary captured type III Trireme, these make up the remaining 50% of Acsynae's Trireme force. They are 100 to 120 feet in length. Like the Type IVs all are of cataphract construction and are completely decked. These vessels are equipped with two masts giving them quite good performance under sail. Acsynae is slowly replacing the type IVs with more of this type of vessel. Acsynae currently operates 10 of this type all of average quality.

Penteres - The Penteres operated by Acsynae are the "battleships" of the Acsynae navy. They are slow under oars but carry a lot of sail. Like the newest Triremes the Penteres are fully decked and built as cataphracts. They are also armed with two bow mounted light bolt throwers to further increase their "punch." Acsynae has found them expensive to build and maintain and has so far built only 4 of this type, all rated as of average quality.