Nuril Ka
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Subsistence Pattern: The subsistence pattern of Acsynae is primarily a mixed economy. Fertility is generally good with generally adequate rainfall. Food production is supplemented from the sea via Acsynae's fishing fleets.

Technology: The technology of Acsynae is like that of its neighbours, early to middle iron-age (in terms of Earth development). Acsynae is able to produce hard iron in some quantity and a most crafters can produce small quantities of steel which is becomming increasingly available..

Kinship Structure: Kinship and inheritance patterns in Acsynae are primarily patrilineal in nature. However succession of nobles is also subject to the approval of the duke of Acsynae.

Political Structure: Acsynae is organised as a monarchy. The duke is absolute ruler of Acsynae and is considered to be a living god and a representative of Tilanor on Karnorthe. Both the church of Karnorthe and the Morchainti Emperor, who makes the same claim, appear to turn a blind eye to this. Acsynae is considered a bulwark against the expansion of the Theocracy of Maladon.

Military System: Acsynae maintains a professional army and navy, but in times of need levees can be raised and are used as auxiliaries.

More detail on the military of Acsynae will be found in the Warfare section.