Hyskalla ty Ethryn (The book of Ethryn)
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According to ancient texts held by the Church of Karnorthe Tarentel is the name given to one of the plains of existance. This plain being one of those on which the gods are said to make their homes. In the case of Tarentel the god Tilanor and goddess Iteria are said to have their homes. Other deities dwell there also, though not all, Sharkan for instance supposedly has his halls within the plains of the hells, while the goddess Desrian is thought to maker her home on the larger moon, which bears her name, orbiting Karnorthe.

According to the doctrine of the Church of Karnorthe those who faithfully serve their gods will also eventually be honoured by allowing to dwell either in Tarentel or the plain upon which their chosen deity resides. This would normally follow a stay in the mansions of Arillan queen of the dead. Though it is written that particularly worthy servants of deities may be transported directly to their deities halls upon the servants death. Occassional a living servant has been honoured thus also but this is exceedingly rare according to the Church.

The plain of Tarentel is said to be beautious indeed, a land of green rolling hills, gentle streams and abundant life. Amidst this stands the city of Tilanor, also called Tarentel. This is described as a great city of white marble bathed in a rosy and golden light everchanging, which is said to eminate from Tilanor and Iteria themselves.

Hyskalla ty Ethryn