Calender of Ethryn
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Several calenders are in use on the planet Karnorthe. The one most players will come across is the most widespread on the continent of Ethryn. This is credited as having been divised by Kharalath kalRion youngest son of Estarth kalRion last ruler of the now lost city of Yses.

Each month has 30 days and there are five feast days which are not considered part of any month. In theory every fourth year an additional feast day "Karalthen" is inserted after Toran (Mid years day). Some realms do this and some do not resulting in the dates across Ethryn not always "lining up."

  Garrol New Years Day
  Karnorath January
  Seltrath February
  Thorath March
  Telthor Feast Day
  Kalson April
  Arelath May
  Vanda June
  Toran Mid Years Day
  Alkurath July
  Ethrath August
  Nasturath September
  Arallor Feast Day
  Ithran October
  Mestrath November
  Tamarath December
  Kelthen Years End Day
Calender of Ethryn