Deities of Karnorthe
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In addition to the chief deities that make up the council of the gods a number of other deities are also of note. These are only somewhat less powerful than the major deities but within their own areas they still wield great power. Some of these are noted below;


Estinia is the goddess of the arts, a duty partially shared with Ayan. Although not a member of the council she does perform for them and as a result has some influence. She is also believed to visit the world often in disguise.


Kirazh is the lord of time and knower of fate. He is reputed to know all things that have been and can see all possible futures.


Lorak is the god of the hunt and the lord of the forests. He thus has a dual aspect, being a patron of both hunters and the forest creatures that are hunted.


Lystra is the very popular, though fickle goddess of luck, consequently she is called upon often but is rarely trusted.


Malmor is the patron god of thieves and those engaged in subterfuge. He is considered by many to be an ally of Sharkan, but in truth Malmor is too self-interested to permanently ally with anyone.


Shanna is the goddess of health and healing, and like Taraskar is a patron of physicians and healers.


Taress is known as the guardian. It is his job to select and escort those dead who will go directly before Tilanor for judgment or reward rather than Arillan. This is not always considered a blessing. Some are rewarded by being allowed to reside in realm of Tarentel with the gods, but some are punished with final absolution, the destruction of the soul.


Vankurax is the god of the lesser sun. He is also responsible for the forge of Siloth and like Siloth is a patron of craftsmen.


Verisor is the messenger of the gods and is known for his great speed. He is often found on Karnorthe carrying out the bidding of Tilanor.

  Worship of Desiran or Malmor although not forbidden by the Mandrite Council is not encouraged. In Desiran's case it is because of her association with some types of lycanthropy, while with Malmor it is his patronage of thieves which is the problem.
Lesser Deities of Karnorthe