Deities of Karnorthe
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Opposed to Tilanor and his policies are several deities and many demons, from which three stand as the greatest threats to Tilanor, these are;


Sharkan is named as the master of evil, lord of the hells and ruler of the dark dead. Sharkan and his minions are feared throughout the world and it is said that many of the “monsters” which exist on Karnorthe are creatures twisted by Sharkan. Sharkan is also the patron of necromancers and evil magic users. He is in all things opposed to Tilanor.


Urmash, the brother of Sirian, has made himself the ruler of the ocean deeps as well as master of those unfortunates who die by drowning at sea. Urmash is feared by sailors and unlike Sirian it is not usually possible to placate Urmash other than by providing an often unwilling sacrifice. Urmash is allied to Sharkan who has promised him mastery over the realm of Sirian when Sirian is destroyed.


Niona is the sister of Nastur and Desiran. Niona was like her sisters once a goddess devoted to nature and its cycles, but following her seduction by Sharkan she has become the goddess of disease and the bringer of famine. She is now considered an unwilling ally of Sharkan.

The tale of the fall of Niona is considered one of the great epics of the world. The tale tells of Niona falling prey to Sharkan's machinations and how even now she strives to return to her former role as a nature goddess only to fail and in failing bringing further misery to the world.

  Worship of Sharkan, Urmash or Niona is forbidden by laws passed by the Mandrite Council as these deities are regarded as hostile to the world of Karnorthe. In the areas subject to the law of this church worship of any of these three is punishable by death.
Dark Deities of Karnorthe